Chlorogenic Acid

After conducting numerous studies on the potential fat and calorie burning properties of green coffee beans, University of Scranton chemist Dr. Joe Vinson is currently championing the belief that the antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid makes up green coffee beans primary fat burning potential.

Let’s take a look at this acid in greater detail.

Chlorogenic acid is a compound that occurs naturally in the raw form of green coffee beans. Dr. Vinson’s research of them lead to some interesting results. It has been discovered that as soon as the beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid is almost entirely cooked out. Naturally, this means that drinking coffee brewed from roasted green coffee beans will not produce anywhere near the full potential weight loss benefits.

The first thought you might have is ok, so why not drink coffee brewed from un-roasted green coffee beans then?  You’re on the right path, but unfortunately that is an idea that leads only to sour faces and spitting. Coffee brewed by those means produces a markedly unpleasant and bitter taste. Also, the mix of the beans with the other elements that make up the coffee we drink will leave it with a less than adequate amount of the acid to spur on any weight loss.The way to get around all of this is to consume a green coffee bean extract similar to a supplement akin to your daily vitamins.

Now, you might be wondering how chlorogenic acid works for weight loss in the first place. The research of Dr. Vinson contains a hypothesis about this which states that the acid works against glucose’s absorption into the bloodstream and actually slows it down. In turn, this quite handily reduces overall fat absorption.

The potential health benefits that green coffee beans and its chlorogenic acid extract carry do not end there however. For instance, a 2005 Japanese green coffee bean study involved the administration of the extract to select study volunteers while a placebo was given to others. The volunteers all had mild hypertension going in, and those who received the extract supplements left with lowered blood pressure. There were no detrimental side effects to be found.

In another study, chlorogenic acid was given to rats. After consumption, the studies showed a reduction in cholesterol levels as well as an improved tolerance for glucose. There has been no further research in hopes of replicating these results however.

Some of the most attention grabbing claims came right from Dr. Vinson in his April 2013 presentation at the National Meeting and Exposition of the ACS (American Chemical Society.) In the presentation, Vinson described in full detail how the likes of chlorogenic acid could help control attributes of type 2 diabetes such as elevated levels of blood sugar and high body weight. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of the disease and is a rapidly spreading problem throughout the entire world. In the United States, as many as 26 million people have been confirmed to suffer from it. As such, the possibility of treatment via chlorogenic acid is very promising.

With all that research and testing backing up the claims by Green Coffee Bean Max, its time you got your supply and started losing excess weight and improving your health.

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