How Green Coffee Bean Max Works?

There are literally hundreds of weight loss products on the market, and while some of them are effective, most do not produce the promised results. One of the seemingly effective products available is Bauer Nutrition’s Green Coffee Bean Extract, and it works by boosting the metabolism and oxidizing fat. There is really nothing new about green coffee beans since they have been used by natives to increase their energy level while suppressing their appetite. These benefits were appreciated by men who went out on hunting excursions to keep their energy level up when food was not readily available.

Minimal Side Effects

While many weight loss aids include caffeine to stimulate the metabolism and activity level, green coffee bean supplement contains very little caffeine so the typical jittery feeling many people get from diet aids is not an issue.

Where to Buy

100% pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is sold only online, but a few other brands of green coffee bean diet supplements are reported to be nearly as effective. The best way to make sure the product ordered is the freshest and most potent is to get it directly from a manufacturer at their online site.

Why Do Green Coffee Beans Cause Weight Loss?

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid before  they are roasted, and this acid inhibits the release of glucose after eating a meal. When the glucose contained in the food is not absorbed by the body, the probable result is weight loss. The same effect cannot happen from drinking coffee since chlorogenic acid is eliminated when the beans are roasted.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Eliminates the Weight Loss Plateau

Most people can lose weight without the help of any supplements if they reduce the amount of calories they consume and increase their exercise level. However, it is common for serious dieters to hit a plateau where they stop losing weight even though they continue their program. Many people have reported that the green coffee bean extract got their weight loss working again.

Are Green Coffee Bean Supplements Worth the Price?

Whether the cost of this diet aid is worth the cost will differ with everyone. Most people will say if the product is effective and not harmful, getting to a healthy weight is worth it.


Just in case Green Coffee Bean Extract does not work for you, you can easily return the supplement with in 60 days.

Plus you are NOT scammed into an auto-billing program like some of the other green coffee supplement vendors!