18 Way to Supercharge Your Weightloss

Simple tips to help you lose weight quickly and easily!

Exercise increases the consumption of energy – Dancing, skating or an extra round around the block: as long as there is some form of exercise movement is good for weight loss.

Tea stimulates metabolism: Green Tea or the ginger variation – with healthy ingredients and detoxification properties will help you get that metabolism in top gear.

The body knows exactly what it needs! Eat only when you are really hungry, and eat what your body requires.

Even small movements burn calories: stairs, dusting, attic clearing out… The more, the better.

Buy seasonal winter vegetables: celery, cabbage, pumpkin and cabbage. These veggies have hardly any calories and contain fiber that will fill you up fast and improve digestion.

Chocolate may make you happy, but the ingredients of bananas have exactly the same effect! Replace sweet more often with fresh fruit.

Adhere to three meals a day. Eat right portions. Snacking between meals is however not allowed unless it is something like a fruit smoothie or an apple.

Legumes such as beans or lentils and seeds are healthy and should be included in your diet.

Get some sunlight – Make sure you get some sunlight time this helps you with Vitamin D.

Sleep off the weight! The longer you sleep, the better the body recovers and it burns more calories. When you sleep more, you eat less automatically.

When you visit a restaurant drink plenty of water before meal, eat a small salad before the main course and leave the white bread.

When you eat from large dishes, you consume more calories automatically. On small plates, the meal looks visually bigger. The effect: you automatically eat less.

Have more soup because it contains plenty of water. This increases the volume of the stomach and it gets filled up quickly.

Build muscles! Muscles burns fat.

Algae contain fiber, vitamins, and trace elements such as iodine which stimulates fat burning. An ideal supplement!

Food can calm down. But music also has this effect. Instead of raiding the refrigerator, rather listen to some relaxing music.

Reward yourself when you achieve smaller weight loss goals set by you. But not with food! A new pair of shoes, a massage, a short trip… It Helps!

Hang in there! Losing weight is a hard journey where you need to be patient with the process. Give it the time it needs to adapt to your body!

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